September 25, 2023


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Woman posts hilarious assessment immediately after China Kitchen mixes up orders

HOLLAND — Hollanders were being handled to a special restaurant evaluation Sunday night, after a pair of orders had been combined up at China Kitchen.

“If you requested from China Kitchen area on S. Washington tonight, shortly ahead of close, and the final 4 digits of your telephone number are 5484…this message is for you,” Ashlynn Cluchey wrote in local Facebook group, Holland Informed.

(Note: Posts have been edited for length and clarity.)

Cluchey went on to describe the restaurant unintentionally blended up two orders, leaving her with the mystery order still left behind when “5484” was offered her buy (5488).

“I’m sorry you acquired my buy,” she wrote. “I hope you at the very least liked it. Whilst, presented what you ordered, I never believe you will, sorry.”

When workers realized their blunder, Cluchey purchased the food items anyway “due to the fact why not working experience what a person else likes?” She then proceeded to compose her own critique.

Hollanders were treated to a unique restaurant review Sunday evening, after a pair of orders were mixed up at China Kitchen.

“It was … attention-grabbing,” she wrote. “Not poor, but appealing. Some thing that I sense like an individual would crave either in the course of being pregnant or at the time a year. Not precisely guaranteed what the unusual rectangular pale bits were … but I’m likely to believe hen, for the sake of not seriously wanting to know.”

With the help of her roommate, Cluchey afterwards concluded individuals “unusual rectangular pale bits” had been almost certainly tofu.