June 23, 2024


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These Are The 9 Camp Kitchen Items Overlanders Swear By

It’s like car camping, but on steroids. More remote. More self-sufficient. More comforts of home. That’s overlanding.

The difference between car camping and overlanding is that overlanding is when you’re completely self-sufficient. Just you, your travel mates, and your outfitted 4×4, truck, or other outfitted vehicle. You have a designated sleeping area, a working area, everything you need to cook anywhere, and even a hot shower at your fingertips – if you’re doing it right.

It’s one of the most popular ways to travel these days. And for a good reason. Who doesn’t want to get off-grid and away from the news, at least for a little bit?

And a big part of overlanding – and any camping experience, really – is cooking. While some adventurers might choose to go with a simple setup, we prefer going all out. Because a good, hot meal can change camp moral. And camp morale is everything when you’re on the road for an extended period of time.

Here are the best appliances, and more, that overlanding pros swear by because overlanding season is just around the corner.

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Front Runner Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate

A stainless steel cooking grate that seamlessly fits over your spare tire for easy access around the campfire? That’s precisely how convenient Front Runner’s Spare Tire Mount BBQ Grate is. Weighing 9.9lbs (4.5kg) and fitting 29″ to 37″ tires, this grate takes up virtually no space and will quickly become a campsite favorite.

$234 on FrontRunnerOutfitters.com

North Bound Expeditions G.A.R.B. 2.1 Spare Tire Trash Bag

North Bound Expeditions G.A.R.B. spare tire trash bag is another innovative way to save on space – and smells – inside your overlanding car. While other spare tire bags are on the market, we like this one for its durability, design, and construction. Throw trash, wet clothes, dirty gear, and anything else inside your G.A.R.B. and continue your journey without worry. This bag isn’t going anywhere.

$230 CAN on NBExpeditions.com

Tail Gater Tire Table

There’s no such thing as too many tables when you’re camping. Trust us on this one. And the Tire Table, made of aircraft-grade 6061 aluminum and powder coated in a black finish, is just the table to turn heads when it’s time to set up camp for the night. Fitting tires size 25” and up, the table has retractable legs for support, sets up in seconds, and can handle an impressive amount of weight.

$209.95 on TailGaterTireTable.com

Primus Lite+

With the rise in popularity of easy to carry, easy to use, lightweight burners, the Primus Lite+ is our favorite light stove system on the market right now. Whether you rely on it as your sole cooker or use it in addition to a more extensive setup (like we prefer), the Lite+ packs up neatly, so you never have to worry about it taking up unnecessary space during your trip. Pack your burner and a 100g gas canister inside the system’s pot and store it somewhere you can easily access in the morning – this is our favorite way to make coffee, thanks to the added coffee press.

$119.95 on Primus.us

Camp Chef Mountaineer Two-Burner Aluminum Stove

With 20,000 BTUs ready to go, this sturdy and stable aluminum-built stove is your secret weapon to cooking for a larger group at the campsite. With a suitcase-style latching lid concealing two burners in 12.5” x 24” of space, plus side windscreen walls, place the stove on any tabletop, connect your propane tank, and get to cooking without delay.

$349.99 on CampChef.com

Joolca HOTTAP Nomad Kit

Wherever you have propane, you have hot water. Which means, hello hot shower and hello hot water for washing your dishes at the end of the day. (Have we mentioned it’s all about the little things when you’re overlanding yet?) The HOTTAP Nomad Kit comes with a HOTTAP water heater and pump, a sturdy storage container that doubles as a sink and drying rack, a pivoting and tilting faucet, and everything you need to shower. A three-way splitter means you can connect your faucet and showerhead to your water source without switching between the two. A nice touch that long-term overlanders particularly appreciate.

$449 on Joolca.com

Travel Buddy 12 Volt Marine Oven

The Travel Buddy 12 volt Marine Oven is one of those appliances you don’t necessarily need, but one that you quickly realize you don’t want to live without. Running on 12 volts and 10 amps and insulated sides to keep from getting hot, this little travel oven reaches 190 degrees Celsius, making it a long-time secret weapon of overlanding pros.

$288 AUS on 12-24voltovens.com.au

SnoMaster Classic Series 56 L Double Door Fridge

If you ask most overlanders and car campers what the one upgrade is that changed everything – most of them will reply with investing in a fridge. No small expense, fridges are an easy way to travel for an extended period without worrying about ice and other annoyances. The SnoMaster Classic Series 57 liter double door fridge, the most popular model the brand sells, consumes 66 watts of energy, has an average run time of 12 hours in 24, reaches a temperature range of 50F to -8F (10C to -22C) and has long been known in the overlanding world thanks to a solid stainless steel build, double doors separating the fridge from the freezer, and a wireless remote to help you control the temperature and battery life when driving.

$1,464.45 on SnoMasterUSA.com

Tailgate ‘n Go Overlander Box

This portable, modular kitchen is the ultimate camp kitchen setup on the go. If space allows, the Overlander Box covers it all. With three cutting boards, a paper towel holder, two condiment and food divider compartments, four dry storage compartments, a storage net, and a knife magnet, this 36″ by 18″ by 18″ box instantly gives you a professional-like kitchen on the go. Not only are these boxes made in the USA, but if they look familiar, it’s probably because you’ve seen them on Shark Tank, where they negotiated a deal with Shark Matt Higgins.

$1,795 on TailGatenGo.com