May 29, 2024


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Lebanon County real estate transfers (September 1 to September 15)

Here are the latest real estate transfers recorded in Lebanon County.

Annville Township

141-143 West Main Street
Harold E. Dice to Jayanth J. Franklin for $195,000.

208 South Cherry Street
James L. Zechman, Sr. Estate, Deborah K. Zechman to Deborah K. Zechman for $1.

149 West Sheridan Avenue
Brian A. and Jeanne V. Cottone to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $90,000.

133 West Main Street
Jacob R. Lemon to Angela Martuscello for $203,000.

30 South White Oak Street
Lakeview Loan Servicing to Jemco Capital LLC for $140,000.

1417 East Main Street Lot 1
Bowers Maintenance LLC to 1405 East Main Street LLC for $600,000.

Bethel Township

101 2nd Street
Michael D. and Carla M. Arnold to Jacqueline Gbur for $180,000.

NS Chestnut Hill Road Lot 1
William M. Hackman to Willard M. Hackman for $120,000.

227 North Center Street Lot 6
Bradley J. Clemmer, Kara B. Herman to House Group LLC for $148,900.

127 East Main Street Lot 1
Craig and Shannon Fair to Adam J. Korb, Alisha J. Yoder for $274,000.

116 Spruce Avenue Lot 59
Neal C. and Jean A. Grimes to John D. and Janice E. Roth for $275,000.

600 Freeport Road
Dale J. and Gloria J. Bender to Gavin S. Bender, Riley K. Houser for $200,000.

131 North Mechanic Street
Rachel M. Musser, Bruce O. and Cheryl L. Maulfair to Matthew G. Ringler for $60,000.

City of Lebanon

21 Maple Street
Susan K. Null to Kenneth P. and Susan K. Null for $1.

371 North 11th Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to TK Enterprises LLC for $180,000.

815 South 12th Street
I360Realty Com LLC, I360Realty.Com LLC to Robin and Oscar Coward for $189,000.

14 East Chestnut Street Lot 87
Alfred K. Hoch, Thomas M. Capello to Yudelka A. F. Gutierrez for $149,900.

137 South 6th Street
George Hanna to Stony Ridge Properties LLC for $350,000.

410 Weidman Street
Revital Home Co. LLC to Otis Hampton II, Nyna Anspach for $215,000.

258 South 8th Street
Starrwar Properties LLC, Starr War Properties LLC to Calvary Chapel Lebanon, Church Calvary Chapel Lebanon for $298,061.

1562 Elm Street
Maria Arnold, Edward M. Batista to Luz J. Mercado for $200,000.

723 North 6th Street
David H. Miller, Jr. to Yojerdi Rodriguez, Gabino A. R. Ovalle for $129,900.

718 Guilford Street
Kenneth L. and Patricia A. Kreider to Central PA Express LLC for $70,000.

609 North 8th Street
Amos L. Zook to Samuel K. Stoltzfoos, Jr. for $135,000.

1112 Cumberland Street
Harold E. Dice to Shawn E. and Demetria A. Martin for $150,000.

335 Walnut Street
Lien N. Hyunh, Sang T. Duong to Ricardo A. Ramos for $147,000.

345 South Tenth Street
Robert W. Battle to Angela Guerrero for $119,000.

602 North 9th Street
Warren Eshleman to Croix LLC for $118,000.

523 Bollman Street
Legacy Cash Offer LLC to Felix J. R. Figueroa, Martha I. A. Alvarez for $168,000.

724 North 9th Street
Leyli Robles to Leyli Castro, Joncarlo and Ashley A. Robles for $1.

419 North 6th Street
Harold E. Dice to Ethan Good for $90,000.

757 North 3rd Avenue Lot 1
Alicia M. Majka to Christopher D. and Amy K. Godshall for $148,000.

421 North 4th Street Lot 68
Joseph L. and Raymond V. Miller, Jr. to Hari Om Enterprises Inc. for $35,500.

415 East High Street
Nelson S. Zimmerman to Cameron J. Warfiled, Christy L. Scheidler for $190,000.

611-613 North 9th Street
Emanuel L. and Sarah S. Beiler to Stoney Hollow Property LLC for $460,000.

19 Maple Street
Mary L. Ruhl to Carrero Holdings LLC for $175,000.

356 North 13th Street
Kay F. Holman to Elpidio and Sebastiana Suarez for $86,000.

649 North 3rd Avenue
Geraldine M. Maurer Estate, Michelle Kunder to Nancy D. and Michael P. MacNamara for $285,500.

438 North Fauber Street
Hector Rodriguez to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $38,333.

440 North Fauber Street
Hector Rodriguez to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $38,333.

444 North Garrett Street
Hector Rodriguez to Stonehedge Holdings LLC for $38,333.

505 Cumberland Street
John M. Bower to 503 Cumberland Street LLC for $606,000.

Cleona Borough

111 North Center Street
Karen M. Massar Estate, Karen Marie Massar Estate, Karen M. Hartman Massar Estate, Aaron Hartman to Ashton K. Wenger for $83,000.

127 West Chestnut Street
Maria M. Moschetto to Adam M. Fanus for $265,000.

Cornwall Borough

349 Rexmont Road
Jason K. Olenick to James G. and Mallory A. Frey for $218,000.

146 Rexmont Road Lot 8
Jean L. Kotkas to James C. and Abby L. Cox for $463,500.

100 Julia Lane
Stephan J. and Diana M. Bihoreau to Xiomara Cruz for $305,000.

45 Valley View Drive
Ronald L. Ramsey, Allysan D. Albrecht to John and Janet K. Melonas for $1,025,000.

1051 Stanford Drive
Cornwall Associates LP, Alden Homes at Cornwall Inc. to Eugene L. and Kathryn Wanenchak for $491,912.

1230 Ash Lane Lot 322
Glenn A. Bastian, Ivy J. Matthews to Gregory M. and Kathleen A. Dancho for $525,000.

418 Granite Street Lot 67
Douglas and Lisa Kiss to Sean and Lydia Kirlin for $470,000.

630 Aspen Lane Lot 144
Leon J. Lecours Estate, Kristian A. and Derek G. Lecours to Alyssa C. and Matthew J. Hannigan for $359,000.

1217 Mosaic Drive Unit 398
Craig A. Hill, Michael D. Snider to Christopher M. and Marilyn A. Day for $380,000.

109 Furnace Street
John Martin Services LLC, Martin John Services LLC to Katie and Nicholas Kolovani for $288,000.

East Hanover Township

749 Ono Road
Helen L. Flocken Estate, Bonnie L. Stewart to Carl M. Kreider for $165,000.

Heidelberg Township

918 Schaeffer Road
Jeffrey S. Zimmerman to Melanie R. and Jeffrey S. Zimmerman for $1.

915 Schaeffer Road
Jeffrey S. Zimmerman to Melanie R. and Jeffrey S. Zimmerman for $1.

SS Schaeffer Road Lot 1
Jeffrey S. Zimmerman to Melanie R. and Jeffrey S. Zimmerman for $1.

10 Tomsue Street
Robert M. and Laurie J. Rice to Nicholas A. Diprizito, Cheryl Hatalla for $245,000.

Jackson Township

23 Beverly Drive
Juan J. and Mercedes S. Reyes to Juan and Nancy R. Reyes for $123,600.

3 Harvest Drive
Wilmer E. and Ruth A. Ebersole to Cory E. and Mary H. Cummings for $92,000.

5 Harvest Drive
Sheldon A. and Jennifer J. Moyer to Edward S. and Joyce M. Krolikowski for $527,000.

63 Gable Drive Lot 25
Michael A. Herb, Emily R. Boyer to Emily R. Weaver, Thomas M. Malloy, Jr. for $221,000.

30 Grasshopper Court Lot 15
Karen Trump to Wilmington Savings Fund Society for $5,095.

205 Golf Road
Charles E. Kohr Estate, Susan M. Gibson to Timothy B. Crouse for $211,000.

9 Thorndale Drive
Shawn W. Levy to Richard S. and Susan M. Eckenroth for $231,750.

478 West Washington Avenue
Ronald R. and Susan J. Stamm to Ronald R. and Susan J. Stamm for $1.

15 Katy Lane
Weber Properties to Karleen A. Austin for $206,800.

Jonestown Borough

347 Swatara Creek Drive Lot T-123
Jay V. and Joyce Bachman to Matthew E. and Sarah N Swanson for $183,000.

28 South Lancaster Street
Gabrielina Gonzalez, Euris R. C. Javier to Gabrieline Gonzalez, Euris R. C. Javier for $1.

Millcreek Township

3 Central Drive
Patricia A. Arrigo to Bobby J. M. and Vincent P. A. Arrigo for $130,000.

205 South Fort Zellers Road
Robert W. and Kathy Wright, Jr. to Jaden Rutt for $282,000.

21 Central Drive Lot 217
Terry L. Eckert to Sandra and Thomas Weatherwax for $260,000.

14 Meadow Drive Lot 450
Ninan Mathai, Mini Ninan to Nancy Hunsicker for $305,000.

Mt. Gretna Borough

106 Temple Avenue Lot 31
David J. and Michele C. Julio to David J. and Michele C. Julio for $1.

1 Muhlenberg Avenue
Mark Shafernich, Cynthia Keegan to Gerald and Emily Good for $543,000.

216 Harvard Avenue Lot 68 and Part of Lot 69
Robert V. and Ruthann Epperson to Gibbel Family Vacation Home Trust for $360,000.

202 Harvard Avenue
Martha S. Knouss to Gail Sparhawk for $215,000.

Myerstown Borough

216 West Main Avenue
Jason R. Burd to Jason R. and Jennifer L. Burd for $1.

105 West Carpenter Avenue
Adam B. and Kathy M. Heisey, Jr. to Leon and Mary Sensenig for $245,000.

143 West Main Avenue
Christopher D. and Amy K. Godshall to Peaceful Homes LLC for $156,000.

North Cornwall Township

2150 Colebrook Road
Patrick H. Sickafus to Beck Creek LLC for $200,000.

(UPI #26-2329414-366100-0000) Lot 47
Meadow Lane Farms Limited to Jeremy and Brittany Horst for $448,565.

235 Springwood Drive
Matthew V. and Frances J. Boehm to Leonard H. Sensenig for $237,400.

1320 Cornwall Road
North Cornwall Township to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Pennsylvania Department of Transportation for $1.

2511 West Oak Street
John and Jean M. Marino to David J. and Carissa M. Garpstas for $585,000.

703 Farmwood Lane Unit 62
Miranda K. Blumberg to Melissa D. Kilroy for $245,000.

314 South 20th Street Lot 2
Susan R. Medalie to MD Hossain I, Laila Parvin for $210,400.

159 South 21st Street
Constance M. Fullenlove to Tracey E. McCrystal for $215,500.

2185 Penn Street
Brandon Daubert to James A. Smith, Brenda L. Berkheiser for $220,000.

733 Farmwood Lane Unit 77
Leon R. and Trish Mills to LMC Investments LLC for $265,000.

North Lebanon Township

(UPI #27-2344603-380567-0000) Unit 135 Sweetbriar
Kenneth R. Cole to David and Cheri L. Bupp for $318,000.

1503 Jay Street
David E. and Cynthia L. Simpson to Paul D. Neuin for $299,000.

308 Gary Avenue
Mervin M. Walmer Estate, Diane L. Keefer to John J. Miller for $129,000.

704 Wynwood Drive
Paul D. Peffley to Morgan A. Peffley for $240,000.

(UPI #27-2345563-379810-0000) Unit 54 Crossings at Sweetbriar
Landmark Homes at Sweetbriar Inc., Landmark Builders Inc., Landmark Homes to Keith S. and Eleanor A. Edwards for $513,900.

SS Heilmandale Road
Gerald J. Edris Estate, Victoria A. Hubbard to County of Lebanon, Lebanon County for $75,000.

1115 Garden Avenue
Luis M. and Yolanda Pelliccia, Jr. to Michael W. and Irene E. Fox for $399,000.

935 Snapdragon Court
Kenneth L. Krukowski, Alejandro Rivera, Jr. to Luis M. and Yolanda Pelliccia for $385,000.

1808 Lake Drive
Theresa Marcellin to Jamari Davis for $1.

908 Sycamore Lane
William J. and Joyce D. Sitzai to Joyce D. Sitzai for $1.

1402 Sholly Avenue
Angeliz A. Rodriguez, Angel D. V. Heredia to Mary E. Trogani for $240,000.

853 Marcon Drive Lot 90
Rachyl L. Plasterer to Larry C. and Sherri L. C. Gerhart for $310,000.

1800 Martin Drive Lots 53, 56, and 1J
Kris and Lauri A. Kollar to Ryan P. Carpenter, Ashley Hopkins for $407,000.

1117 Harvest Drive Lot 23
Jessica C. and Jonathan C. Koller to Jonathan C. Koller for $1.

32 East Brookfield Drive
Melissa M. Arnold to Ryan P. and Ashley M. Uhler for $235,000.

908 Lantern Drive
Marie J. and Leonard P. Ferrara to Susan Dawson for $232,000.

1099 Cedar Crest Drive Lot 43 and Part of Lot 42
Merakey Allegheny Valley School, Allegheny Valley School, School Merakey Allegheny Valley School, School Allegheny Valley School to Susan A. Good, Melvin and Cheryl L. Tschopp for $285,000.

1670 Heilmandale Road
Gerald J. Edris Estate, Victoria A. Hubbard to Dale P. and Michelle A. Heffner for $367,000.

2024 Hill Street
Perry Painting Staining and Powerwashing LLC to Eddie and Amber Simmons, Jr. for $279,900.

(UPI #27-2336361-376840-0000)
MCN Holdings LLC, Hunter Creek Builders LLC to Luis D. Hernandez for $374,900.

1635 Parkway Drive
Arden A. Snook, Sr., Tina M. Snook to Andrew J. George for $260,000.

North Londonderry Township

30 Waterford Lane
Kevin M. and Samantha J. Leiss to Lok N. and Puspa Dhungana for $450,000.

225 Gravel Hill Road
Fred E. and Nancy L. Bucher to Sidnal Properties LLC for $208,000.

19 Lewis Road Lot 2 Bedington Farms
Masayo M. Mesler to Kevin and Samantha Leiss for $600,000.

327 Hemlock Street
James G. OShea III to Top Notch Homes LLC for $251,000.

1102 West Main Street
William P. and Mindi McNeill to Matthew and Kaitlin Sheaffer for $288,000.

1327 Grubb Road Lot 3
Richard J. and Carol E. Morgan to Amy S. and Bruce B. Clutcher for $390,000.

120 Willow Lane Lot 134
Joseph G. and Linda D. Woelfling to April M. and Larry L. Hoover for $600,000.

1241 South Prince Street Lot 47
Craig A. and Bonnie Housel, Stacey M. Soos to Phanith Lim, Phechy Ung for $303,000.

65 Brunswick Lane Lot 65
Andrew and Tammy Boltz to Chandy Yan for $300,000.

Palmyra Borough

126 East Walnut Street
Mark A. and Carol D. Smith to Kasandra and Zachary Layser for $221,500.

315 North Railroad Street
Sandra J. Herr to Carlos Paniagua for $120,000.

834 West Main Street Lot 1
Jonathan R. and Rana D. Herr to Merjay Properties LLC for $370,000.

204 North Railroad Street Lot 1
Meagan G. Mills, Dustin J. Hoepfer to George A. Hahalis for $135,000.

917 East Oak Street Lot 56 E
Taylor and Margaret Perkins to Tulsi Niroula, Bishnu Dahal for $195,000.

817 East Arch Street
Zimmerman Corporation LLC to Store Master Funding XXII LLC for $10.

232 North Locust Street
Joyce Shifflet to Joyce Shifflet, Stephen M. Miller II for $1.

122 South Harrison Street
Nicholas E. Zangari to Steven A. Viozzi for $1.

504 North Railroad
Ann C. Copeland, Gary M. Laurent to Brian K. Weik for $125,000.

309-315 North Chestnut Street
Joseph F. Lauck Family Trust, Joseph C. Lauck to Irvin Storage LLC for $510,000.

126 South Lingle Avenue Part of Lot 102 and Part of Lot 101
Ellen G. Alwine to Joanne K. Alwine for $1.

Richland Borough

200 Birch Street
William C. and Carol A. Behney to Ethan G. Derr for $1.

2 Poplar Street
John D. Miller, Jr. Estate, John D. Miller Estate, John D. Miller III to Derry L. and Sherri L. Weaver for $122,000.

South Annville Township

MFS Inc., Eastern Land and Resources Company to Exel Inc., DHL Supply Chain USA, DHL Supply Chain (USA) for $20,099,000.

(UPI #29-2311851-362872-0000) Unit 106 Building 23
Garman Builders at Mayapple LLC to Nathan J. and Hannah Morrison for $387,291.

313 Horseshoe Drive Lot 20
Carl R. Umbrell, Sr. Estate, Carl R. Umbrell Estate, Veronica R. Jackson to Carl R. Umbrell, Jr. for $170,000.

708 Frattaroli Lane
Anthony J. and Heather Frattaroli to Frederick C. Laurenzo for $7,500.

(UPI #29-2307567-363118-0000) Corrective Deed
Exel Inc., DHL Supply Chain, DHL Supply Chain (USA) to Exel Inc., DHL Supply Chain, DHL Supply Chain (USA) for $0.

649 Fieldstone Drive Lot 87
Christopher and Lisa A. Morelli to Gianvito Lombardo, Giuseppina Conigliaro for $500,000.

691 Mount Pleasant Road
June G. Berger Unified Credit Trust, John E., Johan E., and Ross A. Berger, Henry M. Berger Estate to Darren L. and Kristen L. Grumbine for $2,500,000.

708 Frattaroli Lane
Frederick C. Laurenzo to Grave Dancer LLC for $60,000.

South Lebanon Township

701 South Lincoln Avenue
Michelle R. and Joseph D. Gentry to Alberto J. and Lourdes M. Disla for $280,000.

25 Oxford Drive
Irene L. Templin, Debra M. Bowman to Luis Ramos, Marlena Rodriguez for $260,000.

(UPI #30-2341996-359644-0000) Lot 96
Garman Builders at Lebanon LLC, Strathford Meadows LLC to Tyler and Miranda Crawford for $529,990.

434 Charles Street Lot 169
Christopher M. and Marilyn A. Day to Thakur Timsina, Phalguna Adhikari for $474,000.

617 Noble Street
Carlos A. P. Ramos, Estherlisa B. Pena to Juan O. S. Paulino for $150,000.

1916 Allegheny Avenue Lots 13, 14, and 15
Judith A. Heinbach Estate, Judy A. Hinebach Estate, Angela K. Miller to Angelina Arnold for $150,000.

118 Palm Lane
Stephanie Daub to Stephanie A. D. and Brandon C. Thornton for $1.

74 Eastfield Drive
Michael J. and Jayne R. Gaston to Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. for $375,000.

74 Eastfield Drive
Weichert Workforce Mobility Inc. to Alexandra F. Miranda, Lev Ivanov for $375,000.

South Londonderry Township

513 Springbrook Drive Unit 4
River Bend Limited Partnership, Millfield Construction Company to Helen M. Hendy for $429,919.

2500 North Brandt Road
Jacob L. Brandt Estate, Ronald L. and Michael L. Brandt, Susan L. Craig to Gary Z. and Lucinda M. Horst for $615,000.

553 Brookwood Drive Unit 141
Scott T. and Shawn M. H. Fedor to Meghan Fedor for $213,400.

NS Horseshoe Pike Lot 1
Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin to ER Campbelltown LLC for $224,000.

SS Horseshoe Pike
Steven J. and Benson E. Alger, Amy B. Irvin to ER Campbelltown LLC for $198,000.

2771 Horseshoe Pike
Steven J. and Susan L. Alger to ER Campbelltown LLC for $573,000.

136 North Village Circle
George M. Facer, Jr., Gail M. Facer to Timothy A. and Jodi K. Mee for $260,000.

1426 Mount Wilson Road
John W. Tittle III, Lauren K. Sattazahn to Lauren K. Sattazahn for $1.

Swatara Township

11 Sweetbriar Lane Lot 6
David V. and Cheri L. Bupp to Daniel W. and Laura A. Schaetzle for $420,000.

19 Wildflower Circle Lot 90
Terrence A. and Stephanie C. Brandt, Jr. to Joseph and Rachel Murphy for $210,000.

2005 Grace Avenue
Perry Painting Staining and Powerwashing LLC to Mark and Madison Bilik for $154,000.

31 Monroe Avenue
Kenneth L. and Geraldine M. Weidman, Sr. to Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel for $170,000.

21 Mountain Drive Lot 1
Sandra L. Krum to Sandra L. Krum for $1.

116 Swatara Circle Lot 79
Robert L. and Gretchen K. Miller to Angeliz A. Rodriguez, Angel D. V. Heredia for $290,000.

19 Old Route 22 Confirmatory Declaration
Koval and Sninski, Robert W. Koval, Glenn R. Sninski to Rodi Properties LLC for $0.

133 Lighthouse Drive
Kelly F. Ciambra, Jordan D. Reinbold to Kelly F. Ciambra for $174,584.

445 South Lancaster Street
Joseph P. and Crystal L. Kimmel to Cada Properties LLC for $225,000.

1785 Quarry Road
Kenneth R. Light, Kenneth R. Light, Jr. to James E. Miller, Jr., Nancy C. Miller for $225,000.

2187 Quarry Road
Sherry M. Clark to Sherry M. Clark, Earl Davis, Jr. for $1.

Union Township

401 Awol Road
Angela B. and Caleb C. Fischer to Kelvin M. Weaver for $252,000.

21 Huckleberry Road
Miller Family Irrevocable Trust, Darryl G. Miller to Darryl G. Miller for $1.

149 Fisher Avenue
Sandra A. and Donald L. Podjed to James E. and Nancy C. Miller, Midland Trust Company for $420,000.

634 Jonestown Road Lot 3
Arthur M. Brag to Wilmington Savings Fund Society for $5,459.

401 Awol Road
Kelvin M. and Darlene J. Weaver to Kelvin M. and Darlene J. Weaver for $1.

14 Race Horse Drive Lot 1
Jeffrey B. and Catherine R. Decker to Chelsea A. and Matthew J. Schneider for $300,000.

West Cornwall Township

440 Old Mine Road
Bradford T. and Jill M. Clubb to Grant J. Clubb, Roxanne T. Cook for $1.

(UPI #34-2325519-340348-0000)
Bradford T. and Jill M. Clubb to Bradford T. and Jill M. Clubb for $1.

209 Weaver Avenue
Crystal U. Hackett to Kristine K. Warner for $224,900.

203 Boehm Avenue
Jenna DiCarlo to John W. and Patricia A. Brosious for $360,000.

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