September 21, 2023


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Jacksonville person keeping authentic estate agents safer with new invention

Jacksonville Real estate agent Sharice Williams has dealt with quite a few powerful situations in her profession, but none as bad as a discussion with just one angry male.

“We hear a man’s voice from the fence,” Williams mentioned. “Startled, I answer, ‘Sir, I’m a Real estate agent with my consumers,’ and obviously that was not a great adequate respond to. This person, the next door neighbor, proceeds to cuss and yell really quite hostile-like, and I’m continuing to say, ‘Sir, remember to quiet down. I’m a Realtor with Coldwell Banker. This home is for sale. I have my customers with their little ones. You should serene down.'”

No question, it truly is something Williams wants to neglect. Many thanks to a Jacksonville indigenous recognised for several innovations, the possibility of this going on again could lessen.