June 13, 2024


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EU bans ‘misleading’ environmental promises that rely on offsetting | Carbon offsetting

Conditions these kinds of as “climate neutral” or “climate positive” that count on offsetting will be banned from the EU by 2026 as component of a crackdown on misleading environmental claims.

On Wednesday, members of the European parliament [MEPs] voted to outlaw the use of conditions this kind of as “environmentally friendly”, “natural”, “biodegradable”, “climate neutral” or “eco” with no evidence, whilst introducing a whole ban on employing carbon offsetting strategies to substantiate the statements.

Below the new directive, only sustainability labels utilizing accredited certification techniques will be authorized by the bloc. It will come amid popular problem about the environmental effects of carbon offsetting schemes, which have typically been employed to justify labelling merchandise “carbon neutral”, or indicate that individuals can fly, invest in new outfits or consume particular food items devoid of earning the climate crisis even worse.

“This new laws places an stop to deceptive promoting for supposedly environmentally helpful merchandise and thus permits individuals to make sustainable selections,” said Anna Cavazzini, the Environmentally friendly MEP and chair of the Committee of the Inner Market and Buyer Defense.

“I am significantly delighted that promises these types of as “climate-neutral” or “climate-positive”, which are centered on CO2 offsetting, have been completely banned from the internal current market. Investments by organizations in local climate defense projects are welcome and of course they can however be communicated,” she reported. “However, it ought to no for a longer period look that planting trees in the rainforest would make the industrial creation of a vehicle, the organisation of a soccer Entire world Cup or the output of cosmetics climate neutral. This deception is now a matter of the earlier. This is a terrific achievement for the atmosphere, the climate and buyers.”

The directive arrives just after months of negotiations over how environmental statements will be regulated in the EU, with a deal reached in September that was accredited by regulation makers on Wednesday. Member states now have two decades to introduce the new policies.

In January, the Guardian printed a joint investigation into forest carbon offsets accepted by the world’s main certifier that big firms used for their sustainability commitments, acquiring additional than 90% of offsets from a substantial sample of assignments to be worthless.

Environmental NGOs have raised fears about promises based mostly on offsets, like the 2022 Earth Cup in Qatar which was marketed as a “carbon neutral” occasion.

“This agreement is a major phase toward extra honest professional tactics and far more knowledgeable European shoppers. The European Union is getting leadership in combating greenwashing,” reported Lindsay Otis, a coverage pro on global carbon marketplaces at CMW. “Carbon neutrality claims have been revealed to be unintelligible to people, and they ought to quit. Now marks the stop of outlandish and baseless adverts that inform European consumers that they can just take carbon-neutral flights, don carbon-neutral outfits, and consume carbon-neutral foodstuff.”