June 23, 2024


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Councillor pooh-poohs yard-fouling cats, desires them kept inside

Erin Crepeau likes to retain a nice garden. But then there are those darned cats.

“I employed to have a vegetable back garden,” stated Crepeau exterior her Kemptville, Ont., household on Saturday. 

“But I have determined not to for the reason that all of the neighbourhood cats use it as a litter box. I would go to pull my carrots and I would pull out cat feces.”

A hen-wire fence did no good.

“They just broke it down,” Crepeau reported, when a cat viewed from a patch of shade across the road.

Stories like Crepeau’s are what compelled her mom, Doreen O’Sullivan, one of five council associates governing Kemptville and other communities within the Municipality of North Grenville, to connect with for adjust, or at the very least a dialogue.

O’Sullivan would like the local animal control bylaw updated so that domestic cats located roaming outside could, like stray puppies, be seized and taken to the pound. 

Her recognize of motion is scheduled for the municipality’s subsequent council assembly on Wednesday, but in get for any discussion to result, O’Sullivan requirements a further councillor to 2nd it. 

“1 female explained to me [a] cat climbed up and knocked off hen feeders and broke [them],” O’Sullivan stated. “She did attempt to discuss to the owner and failed to get any pleasure. This lady was happy to allow her cat go out.”

As for how factors would get the job done outside of dropping cats off at the pound, O’Sullivan isn’t absolutely sure. She would like to hear staff’s views on that and how other municipalities have tackled the situation, she mentioned. 

“I imagine people today have the proper to have their non-public home no cost from an individual else’s cat,” O’Sullivan reported. “The other situation is cats routinely get rid of birds.”

The felines’ have safety is a different component, she additional.

Crepeau took this photograph of a cat utilizing her backyard garden as its private litter box and posted it on Instagram in the tumble of 2020. (Submitted by Erin Crepeau)

Crepeau, who owns a cat she does not allow outdoors, agreed.

“Yesterday, we had been driving down Asa Street and we arrived the closest I’ve ever occur to really hitting a cat,” she explained.

“I also had a neighbour who located 50 % of a useless cat in her yard. And on posting in [a] community bulletin board team, [they] uncovered out it was a domestic cat that [did] roam cost-free. And now these little ones lost their cat.”

cat staring across the street at Erin Crepeau's yard
This shade-having fun with cat stared back at Crepeau’s property on Saturday early morning. The cat does not belong to the house pictured, Crepeau reported, and the operator of that house explained to CBC cats have peed on the tarp covering her pool. (Person Quenneville/CBC)

Not all people would pay to reclaim pet, cat shelterer states

North Grenville inhabitants Justin Smith and Lauren Evans were walking by Crepeau’s dwelling Saturday. They’ve had their garden dug out way too, and said they support O’Sullivan’s intentions.

They are also cat house owners, and they expressed reservations about taking cats to the pound. 

“I would not want pets to be taken absent from their entrepreneurs without the need of their owners recognizing their whereabouts,” Evans said.

“If I experienced a cat that was permitted outside the house, I would be really devastated if my cat just disappeared one particular working day and I didn’t know where it was.”

Mellissa Alepins, founder of a Cornwall, Ont., kitten rescue procedure, mentioned the logistics of cat checking will need to be imagined out and correctly funded. 

“Are you going to begin ticketing [their owners]? Are [the cats] going to have to be microchipped so you can see whose cat it is? The only way to navigate this is to have a total program with funding,” Alepins claimed.

Some domestic cat entrepreneurs will only depart their pets at the pound instead than pay back the ticket, she extra. 

“Regretably, a ton of persons imagine cats are disposable … There are of course some very good cat owners who nonetheless feel in permitting their cats out, and they would do everything to hold them protected,” Alepins explained.

“But they are placing them at danger by allowing them outdoors.”

Erin Crepeau garden in Kemptville, Ontario, June 10, 2023
Crepeau gave up planting greens for the reason that of the cat problem, she reported. (Person Quenneville/CBC)