September 27, 2022


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5 kitchen transform ideas and methods for dwelling renovations

Are kitchen area reworking ideas on your horizon this calendar year? If you share that kitchen area, prospects are you are going to also be sharing some of the conclusion-generating that arrives with a renovation.

And consider me, kitchens are a substantial-stakes recreation. 

I’m midway through a entire residence renovation of a Victorian in Beechmont with my most effective good friend and enterprise lover, Mike, as well as 4 renovations into an eventual entire constructing overhaul of a compact apartment developing we recently ordered in Outdated Louisville. We in all probability have a lot more, shall we say, heated discussions about the design and style of the kitchens than the rest of the areas put with each other. 

We’ve managed to operate by way of all of our distinctions (with concerted effort and hard work!), but it produced me wonder: what are some greatest techniques for any two or a lot more folks renovating a kitchen area with each other? That could be married or cohabitating associates, housemates, a multi-generational household circumstance, or other duos like Mike and I that are not relevant but share duty for the structure.