July 17, 2024


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33 Home Improvement and Tool Gift Ideas for Everyone Who Loves to DIY | Architectural Digest

33 Home Improvement and Tool Gift Ideas for Everyone Who Loves to DIY | Architectural Digest

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Here at AD It Yourself, we’re in no short supply when it comes to home improvement and tool gift ideas every DIY’er should have in their arsenal. These essential tools are perfect presents for everyone, from a novice homeowner to an expert home renovation guru who has tackled everything from painting to woodworking projects, be it a birdhouse or a bedroom shelf. In addition to testing these must-have tools, we tapped creators who live and breathe home improvement projects. Though a gift card to Amazon, Home Depot or Lowe’s will always be welcomed by a handyman or a DIY’er who wants to make holiday tchotchkes, read on for 27 hand-picked home improvement and tool gift ideas—from a smart tape measure to power tools influencers swear by.

1. Multitool for all your DIY projects

Makita XMT04ZB 18V LXT® Lithium-Ion Sub-Compact Brushless Cordless StarlockMax® Multi-Tool

After buying a fixer-up house last year, George Coffin, industrial designer at Studio Den Den, employed the Makita multitool while working on a kitchen remodel. He received the multitool as a gift from his father, who was a carpenter his whole life. “Hands down this has been our favorite tool for the many house projects we’ve taken on,” Coffin says. “It’s super adaptable and robust, allowing you to flush cut everything from nails to laminate counters to full studs.” 

2. Useful keychain

Stainless Steel Key Shaped Pocket Tool for Keychain

The Geekey keychain is the ideal stocking stuffer for anyone enamored with home improvement. The key-shaped multitool is a mini wonder that allows for 16 different functions like a Phillips head screwdriver tip, a metric closed wrench and ruler, a bottle opener, and a bike spoke key. Keep one for yourself or gift it to your favorite handyman. 

3. Painting essentials kit

BACKDROP® 11-Piece Painting Essentials Kit

Painting is one of the easiest DIY projects to tackle, even if you haven’t picked up a paint brush. This 11-piece painting-essentials kit by Backdrop comes with a reusable peg board for your rollers and brushes. One tester said that the nap on the rollers is “the softest” and for good reason, it’s made with a material made to prevent transferring lint from roller to surface. 

4. Book on home renovation inspirations

Remodelista: The Low-Impact Home: A Sourcebook for Stylish, Eco-Conscious Living

Looking for home improvement ideas? Remodelista: A Sourcebook for Stylish, Eco-Conscious Living takes you though a myriad of home renovation projects, like a Catskills compound of a woodworker filled with handmade furnishings and art to a utility closet that was made into a laundry room that’s all about environmentally sound laundering habits. 

5. Durable apron

The Hudson Grace stonewash denim apron will protect you from dust, paint spills, spackling debacles and other DIY’er mishaps. The spacious pockets hold tools like pliers, hex keys, and other essential tools as you get busy on home renovations. 

6. Vintage tool kit storage

The three-layered cantilevered folding mechanism of the WorkPro, a darling vintage-looking tool box, is a gem for garage storage. “An absolute staple for tools you need handy on a daily basis,” Monika Zasada says. “Keep the essential tools at the very top and the ones that are needed for special projects, like a glue gun, at the very bottom. Clad in an energizing red color and easy to clean, home improvement enthusiasts will find this tool box to be a perfect gift.”

7. Smart tape measure

Laser Tape Measure 2-in-1

There is the basic tape measure, and then there is the smart 2-in-1 tape measure that combines a 131-foot laser measure with a 16-foot tape measure to help with figuring out distances, hanging up artwork, and making sure your home remodeling projects are in line.

8. Leaf blower

DEWALT 20V XR Leaf Blower

Even if you outsource home renovations, at least invest in a leaf blower. Camille Styles, founder of Casa Zuma and Camillestyles.com, uses it for everything from clearing gravel around her new vegetable gardens to cleaning off the deck and outdoor patio furniture and making sure everything looks spotless in preparation for photoshoots.

9. Eco-friendly cleaning system

LUUM Vinegar and Baking Soda Cleaner

Not all power tools are machinery. You know that, before you delve into any home improvement project, you need to clean up. LUUM natural cleaning products wipe away grease and dust in a jiffy, but what makes this all-purpose cleaning product fun is the DIY component: You get to mix the solution (there is a fizzy tablet and essential oils to add.) 

10. Heirloom gardening scissors

Gifts for gardeners can span everything from seeds to hand tools like these gardening scissors. Designer and tastemaker Devon Liedtkte loves these super sharp scissors because they actually cut through branches and are more aesthetically pleasing than the yellow construction ones. When not outside, use them to open boxes and cut ribbons as you wrap presents. 

11. Air purifier

Puraclenz P750 Surface & Air Purifier

Anyone who has undergone a home renovation knows that dust is not your friend. The Puraclenz air purifiers are designed keep airborne pollutants and irritants (and mold!) at bay, even in a large space and if they come in a compact size. What’s more, this air purifier can keep you healthy as it kills pathogens, so you’ll be happy and healthy in the new year, ready to tackle DIY project after DIY project.

12. Cordless finish nailer 

Not one, but two of our pro DIY’ers called out the Ryobi nail gun. Laura Burkhalter of @magnolias.modern.mama used this power tool to make the custom shelving for her second pantry. “This Ryobi nail gun is my all-time favorite tool,” she says. “I use it for almost every single project. The cordless feature is my favorite part.” For Lakesia Jennings, creator @kesiashouseahome, the Ryobi nailer is a wishlist item. “I’ve been eyeing it because it helps tremendously when I’m adding the finishing pieces,” she says. “This model leaves a smaller hole than a regular nail gun so there is less to conceal.”  

13. Miter saw

DIY’er Lauren Burke of @laurenelizabethburke is a fan of the 12-inch sliding double bevel miter saw, and you should be too. “It is one of my most used tools and can be used for so many home renovation projects, from accent walls to built-ins.”

14. Cordless Lightweight vacuum

Greenworks 24V Brushless Cordless Stick Vacuum

Let’s get this straight: Cleaning tools are essential tools. “I use my handheld vac everyday,” says Liedtkte. “Snack spills, dust balls, dog hair, oh, my! It might as well be permanently affixed to my hand.” Greenworks’s Cordless stick vacuum, which also works as a handheld vacuum, is perfect for hard-to-reach tight spaces, like those pesky couch cushions. The LED lights illuminate so you won’t miss a crumb. With the washable and reusable HEPA filter and 45 minutes of run time, this might be one of your new favorite toys.

15. Nice hammer

A DIY’er without a hammer is like a picture frame without a picture—incomplete. Upgrade a basic model with this claw hammer with a lacquered leather grip. Comfortable to handle and sturdy for heavy-duty projects. 

16. Gardener tools set

3-Piece Backyard Gardener Tool Set

This stainless steel tool set includes a hori hori, cultivator, and trowel, making it perfect for a backyard overhaul or a small replanting project on the patio, whether you’re a homeowner or renter. Made of stainless steel and wood, this set is sure to last. 

17. Solo Stove bonfire and surround

Solo stove devotees rejoice, the new fire pit surround is going to transform your outdoor living room. The 360-degree protective barrier works like a perch for s’more trays and mugs of hot cocoa (or mulled wine). The perforated table top deflects heat, so little fingers (and tails) are safe. It works with both the Bonfire 2.0, which now comes with a colorful high-heat ceramic coating, and the larger Yukon model. 

18. Sustainable storage

Medium Restorative Woven Basket

There’s no reason for home-repair tools to be scattered around your garage. Toss clamps, random screws, and the like into this handcrafted woven basket made in Rwanda. Made with sisal material, this charmer even looks cute when you place a flathead screwdriver or needle nose pliers for quick retrieval. 

19. Comfy mat

This standing mat is the cushiest. Your feet (and, in turn, your back) will thank you if you have it underfoot. It’s even perfect as a knee pad for home repairs and DIY projects. The slip-free mat is made without toxic dyes, PVC, formaldehyde, or phthalates. 

20. Home air freshener, on demand

Thymes Frasier Fir Smart Diffuser & Fragrance Set

A smart diffuser powered by aromatic Siberian fir is what you need. Pura is controlled remotely so you can swap out the scents with a tap on your smartphone. Plus the device only runs when you want it at the intensity that you want it. Bonus: It doubles as a nightlight. 

21.  Stackable tool boxes

Craftsman CMST17804 System Double Shallow Drawers

MJ Coyle, Indianapolis-based head designer for HGTV’s Good Bones, recommends the Craftsman Stackable Tool boxes as a way to keep all the essential tools organized, especially when you’re working on multiple DIY projects at a time. “They look super sleek and are fairly easy to move around as needed,” he says.

22. Colorful wire cutters

JONARD TOOLS INP-3062 Insulated Diagonal Cutters,6-1/4 In.

Wire cutters are undervalued but perfect for serious crafters. Whether you work on a DIY centerpiece or need to hang up art on a gallery wall, this essential tool is it. The colorful handles add a dose of cheer to any toolbox. 

22. Color-changing bulbs

Smart Hubspace Plug-in Edison Bulb

Festive lights just got better with the Hampton Bay color-changing LED string lights you can control with an app. You can choose a preset holiday theme or tailor it to your setting, say, a cool glow by the fireside. The all-weather Edison bulbs also work with Google Home and Alexa.

23. Laser level

30 ft. Cross Line Level Self Leveling Laser

Time to upgrade the old school level with an adjustable laser level that offers crossline laser projection (level and plumb) for the trickiest home improvement projects, like a drop ceiling, tiling, cabinet installations, and other woodworking tasks. 

24. Cordless drill and drill bit set

CRAFTSMAN V20 Cordless Drill

Cordless is the name of the game when it comes to home-repair tools. The Craftsman drill has a high-performance motor with two speeds of fastening so you can get your work done quickly without having to call a handyman. 

25. Noise cancelling headphones

Beats by Dr. Dre Earbud Wireless Noise Canceling Headphones

Want a fun way to use a Lowe’s gift card? Go for Beats by Dr. Dre wireless noise canceling headphones to block out the hum of a sander or make a spackling job go by faster. 

26. Unique picture frame

Mingle 4-Piece Photo Frame Set

Jazz up a gallery wall with a photo display that’s anything but square. Arrange the four uniquely shaped frames like a puzzle for a setup that’s anything but boring.

27. Reusable tumbler

Stanley Adventure Reusable Vacuum Quencher Tumbler

Home repairs can work up a sweat, that’s why you need to stay hydrated, and the Stanley reusable tumbler is the perfect holiday gift for your favorite home improvement pro. The double-wall vacuum insulation keeps the drinks cool or hot for hours. The best part? This stainless steel vessel is dishwasher safe. 

28. Utility knife

Fiskars 770030-1001 Utility Pro

Small but mighty, the Fiskars Pro Retractable utility knife is your BFF when working on DIY projects like installing peel-and-stick wallpaper. The reinforced blade won’t accidentally retract and botch up your job, but it will lock up safely when not in use. 

29. Upholstery refresher

Home~Pourri Air + Fabric Multi-Purpose Odor Eliminator

Home-Pourri Air + Fabric Grapefruit Lychee Vanilla multipurpose odor eliminator is intoxicating in the best way. The delicate fresh scent is perfect for rejuvenating upholstery, rugs, and blankets. The formula doesn’t just mask odors, it neutralizes them within a minute. Really! You’ll want to buy two because once you spritz, you won’t want to part with this spray.

30. Miter shears

Don’t have the space for a bulky circular saw? “Miter shears are a must if you are doing any trim work with picture frame molding or other decorative PVC molding,” Burkhalter says. “They allow you to cut the trim at the appropriate angles without needing a saw.” 

31. Nail setter

WHLLING Dual Head Nail Setter

A nail punch may be an unexpected stocking stuffer, but this spring-loaded nail punch helps to countersink finishing nails below the surface of wood, drywall, and other materials to allow for a perfect finish, Burkhalter says. 

32. Heavy-duty utility cart

SimpleHouseware Heavy Duty 3-Tier Metal Utility Rolling Cart

Burkhalter swears by these tiered carts when working on projects. “They help keep your space organized without having to run to the garage a million times for a tool you forgot,” she says. “The best part is that because they are metal, you can utilize magnets to attach things like levels and tape measures.” 

33. Powerful detergent

Dirty Labs | Bio-Liquid Laundry Detergent

Whether you’re woodworking, putting up drywall, or working up a sweat with a stud finder, a DIY’er knows that home repairs can get grimy. Wash up with a nontoxic Dirty Labs detergent that cleans with a plant-based enzyme to banish the toughest stains. What’s more, the hyper-concentrated formula means that your cleaning has a smaller carbon footprint.