May 29, 2024


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10 beige kitchens that prove this neutral can be far from boring |

Beige kitchens, in fact, beige in general, has an unfair reputation of being boring or dull. However, one thing you can say about beige is it’s classic, it’s timeless and let’s be honest when you are designing a new kitchen that’s what you are after, a kitchen that’s not too trend-led and won’t date in just a few years. 

And despite it being a safe choice, beige can be far from boring. Pair it with the right materials, finishes, and decor and you can easily create a kitchen that’s full of depth and interest. And it’s such an inviting color too, warmer than white but cooler than a cream kitchen, it’s ideal for creating a kitchen that feels cozy and welcoming. So many recent kitchen trends have been based around the idea that we want kitchens that feel less like kitchens, and more like sociable, lived-in spaces and a beige color scheme lends itself so well to this softer approach to kitchen design.